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Whether you are looking to increase the visibility of your website in search engines, or you are interested in driving user engagement, Firebase Cloud Messaging can help. Firebase Crashlytics Fabric is one of the most powerful crash reporting SDKs on the market, and 21% of Thai apps currently have it integrated.

The Glide API is an open source media management framework that allows you to easily display and decode video and audio. HENG99 includes flexible APIs for both streaming and downloading, and can be plugged into almost any network stack. Its powerful capabilities include media fetching, decoding, and display of animated GIFs. Among other features, it can support async calls with callbacks, as well as synchronous blocking calls.

The OkHttp API is a fast HTTP client. It has a highly configurable, immutable API that can be used with async calls and callbacks. The API is built with fluent builders, and is designed to be very efficient. It also supports synchronous blocking calls and ad hoc async calls.

The Google Ads AdMob platform allows you to run in-app advertisements on your mobile app. It’s based on the Google Mobile Ads SDK, and serves over 200 billion ad requests a month. It has over 1 million advertisers running on its network. Its mediation adapters are available for 47% of Thai publishers. These adapters make it easy for you to manage your API versions. Moreover, it is compatible with Google’s Android platform. This makes it the ideal choice for both Android and iOS developers.

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