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The Thai lottery dates back to 1868, when the King of Thailand, Chulalongkorn, first issued the lottery. He commissioned an Englishman, named Mr. Alabaster, to run the lottery, and he named him as director of the Lottery Office. Thai lottery players are generally women, and they tend to play the lottery more than men. In fact, women play the lottery three times as often as men.

There are numerous ways to spot a counterfeit lottery ticket. Firstly, it is best to avoid strangers and shopkeepers who don’t look Thai. Also, never pay more than 120 baht for a single ticket, as it’s unlikely that the ticket you bought is worth more than 80 baht. Be sure to read the paper very carefully to make sure the number you’re purchasing is legitimate. Always check your lucky numbers and compare them with previous results.

If you have trouble choosing a lottery number, you can visit the shrine of the ghost of a young woman who died in childbirth. This is said to guide lottery winners. After the last three draws, officials remove the balls from the machines. The bonus prize is worth 22 million baht. The military government, however, has since scrapped this prize. After 1 Aug. 2015, the bonus prize has been eliminated. But if you’re still curious, you can visit the shrine of Mae Nak. The shrine has a collection of numbered ping pong balls that may help you decide how to play the lottery.

Ticket holders in Thailand can choose to play the lottery for a small fee. The prize money is not very big – the first prize amounts used to be 30 or 22 million baht, but the military government removed these optimal amounts. If you’re lucky enough to win, however, you must visit the GLO office in Bangkok to claim your prize. หวยซองอาจารย์หนู to remember that prize money in Thailand can be very difficult to withdraw from the bank.

The results of the Thai Lottery are announced on the first and sixteenth of every month. You can find the results of previous draws and a list of the winners. The official website of the lottery is dedicated to Thai lottery results. In case you’re not a Thai citizen, you can visit the official Thailand lottery website. Just click on the direct URL, or visit the official website to get more information. If you’re planning to visit the country, you’ll want to check the results of the lottery.

The Thai lottery is one of two legal forms of gambling in the country. The other is horse racing in Bangkok. The Thai lottery pays a high percentage of its prizes. However, there are strict regulations regarding the prices of tickets and you can’t buy single tickets. Tickets cost 80 baht, and ticket pairs are only sold in pairs. เลขอาจารย์หนู in the TGL lottery is 3 million baht, and the second prize is a third of that amount.

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